About Simon Schneiderman


Trial lawyers have a lot of down time in court. Simon Schneiderman can be found furiously scribbling in a small notepad. Everybody thinks he is writing copious notes about the case while the other lawyers are shooting the shit. Well, his secret is out! Schneiderman is drawing the lawyers and judges, and writing captions about what he sees and hears, to while away the time. 

(see "Making Law" for published editions)

When I came across one of Simon's little sketch books the publisher in me realized that I had found the modern day Daumier. Schneiderman was unwittingly creating the next 'Les Gens de Justice' series - a satirical inside look at the legal profession. I had to publish them.

The first series is lifted directly from the sketchbooks themselves. They have a comic book appeal, reminiscent of Schneiderman's old comic strip he published in the Law Times.

Encouraged by the overwhelming success of the original series, Schneiderman decided that rather than continue to print directly from his sketchbooks he would apply his watercolour skills to a new series based on his cartoon people.

Now Schneiderman and Lipman Art are collaborating on a new theme: oversized lawyers and businessmen (and women!) for offices and boardrooms. The prints are easy to care for, lightweight and affordable. Perfect for work spaces.